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2013-09-13-160204I’ve spent the vast majority of the adult waking hours of my life writing software. Actually, I may be able to count some non-waking hours as well. Since I don’t know how often I’ll update this bio, let’s just say I’ve been at it well over a decade. I’ve worked in a variety of software domains over the years including mobile, eCommerce/Enterprise and, most recently, real-time graphics. Through it all, C++ has been, and continues to be, my primary language. I’ve used many other languages and frameworks over time but C++ has always been somewhere in the mix.

I balance my professional life with rock and alpine climbing. This gets me away from the screen and off my ass on a regular basis. I began climbing through the Everett Mountaineers and continue active membership with them. As of this writing, I’m pursuing certification as a Single Pitch Instructor (rock climbing) via the American Mountain Guides Association and coordinate the Sport Climbing course for the Everett Mountaineers. I’ve developed a passion for physical fitness and training as a result of climbing endeavors. Cycling is among my favorite cross training, and commuting, options.

Like any good climber, and most developers, I love beer. I learned the craft of brewing sever years ago and still manage to squeeze a batch into my schedule on occasion. My favorite styles include Belgian Wit, Belgian Trippel, Belgian Special, German Hefeweizen, French Farmhouse / Saison, Irish Stout.

Lastly, I’ve had `beyond entertainment value` interest in film and music since I was a child. My wife once commented that she has never seen me watch a movie for the sake of watching the movie. I’m always a critic. My taste in films is broad, running the gamut of genera and locale. I’ve long considered trying my hand at film-making, but don’t exactly have the time nor do I appear to run in the necessary circles. My musical tastes are more narrow. It needs to be a wall of sound to be interesting and it needs to be technical. This includes everything from romantic era classical to, my main interest, heavy metal. I’ve played guitar with varying levels of dedication since my teens and my ‘frostiness’ varies, but I can do my share of shredding.


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  1. Well founded cosmovision and general philosophy, Trystan.
    A nice web as well, and continue to make the world better for ourselves and others.

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