A New Kind of Host

Where’s all the old Blog entries? Well, I finally ditched my old web host for a new one. At any rate, I will probably not migrate the few blog entries I had on the old site to this new server. Hopefully, this new host, A2 hosting, will work out better for me.

The main reason I left dwhs was their appearent ignorance, or apathy, toward simple security problems. When I complained about their levels of security they simply denied security issues rather then working to resolve them. For example, they regularly sent renewal e-mails that contained the site admin password in html. In addition, their site contained an unsecured redirect that had the admin password in plain-text on the url query string (not https). This would explain how I was hijacked twice, but months went by and they didn’t seem to pay attention to these issues.  The hijacking got me temporarily blacklisted by Google, it was a mess. In addition, I had e-mails begin to mysteriously bounce which was the last draw. I didn’t even bother to contact them about it; I just left. Dwhs is flakey and overpriced. Here, I have a bit less bandwidth but more developer options, more apps, and it’s half the price.

One thought on “A New Kind of Host

  1. Hi Trystan,
    I am a visual artist doing my PhD in mazes and labyrinths and I am very interested in the possibility in collaborating with you. I saw the mazes you did. I would like to see them in more detail. Do you have them in vector files?…. can you do them in vector?…how?….
    do you have a software I can use or experiment with and try to do some variations?— if you give me your mail I can send you some of my experiments.
    It will be great to be in touch.
    Thank you!

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