I’ve played guitar for well over a decade. In fact, I was a music major prior to studying computer science for my first degree. However, unlike film, a really can’t muster the appreciation for all forms of the art. This, along with a disinterest in other instruments made me a poor student of music but my love of shredding persists. My primary genera has long been technical metal but I’ve branched into classical and jazz over time.



Click the image to enlarge. Moving from top to bottom there is a standard Furman power conditioner followed by a 2-space drawer which we’ll get to in a moment. Next is a T.C. Electronics G-Major processor followed by a Lexicon MX300 processor. Finally, the bottom space is an Engl 530 tube preamp. The complete signal chain is Guitar -> Overdrive -> DI Box -> G-Major -> Re-Amp Box -> Engl 530 -> MX300 -> VHT 2/90/2 -> Speakers or Palmer Speaker-Sim/Load Box for direct to console. The G-Major is used for effects desired prior to preamp distortion such as EQ and filters. The MX300 is used for post distortion effects such as chorus and reverb.

This is the inside of the drawer in the previous image. The DI box is used to change the instrument impedance to run strait to the G-Major processor which is expecting a line level signal. This provides the ability to apply the G-Major’s parametric EQ and filtering algorithms prior to any clipping in the preamp stage. The blue box to the left is a “re-amp” that changes the impedance back to instrument level to feed to the Engl premamp. The light green pedal is an Ibanez tube screamer, providing some extra tone shaping and gain early in the chain. Finally, the black Engl box in the rear is a device that maps midi channel events to analog foot-switch signals to provide control over the preamp channel and gain controls. A single midi event can change the settings on the preamp, G-Major and Lexicon devices simultaneously.

After the signal leaves the MX300 it goes to “the hammer of Thor.” A 98 watt per channel power amplifier by the folks at VHT. The speaker cabinets are not pictured but include a 1×12 Basson and 1×12 ADA, both sealed. Although I’d like to move to two 2x12s with lower powered speakers, I simply lack the space.

This is an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige. Many consider it one of Ibanez’s best models short of the Steve Vai Jems. Although I prefer the ZF vibrato system on my S470, I love the thin Prestige neck on this guitar. The bridge pickup was upgraded to an Evolution.

I have this Ibanez S470QXQM tuned to D with a bit heavier gauge string than the RG1570. The ZF vibrato is absolutely the best floating bridge I’ve ever used. However this model has the thicker non-prestige neck which is a bummer. Nevertheless, I love the S-Series for their thin mahogany bodies. I may eventually upgrade the neck or just trade it in for a prestige model.

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